Single Parents’ Day is actually March 21st, and it’s really a wonderful event so that the unmarried parents that you know know that you will find just what a fantastic job they are doing or, in case you are a single father or mother your self, provide your self a (well-deserved) pat on straight back. At EliteSingles we wanted to celebrate by looking at internet affair dating sites for moms and dads: what makes it fantastic, and what you ought to understand to make it better still.

With this job at heart, we surveyed 580 People in the us anonymously: solitary mothers, unmarried dads, and people without kids, to uncover nine factual statements about dating as a parent (or online dating a father or mother) in the usa.

As EliteSingles psychologist Salama Marine records «there’s one common false impression that finding really love as just one parent is much more difficult because having kids allegedly sets individuals off»1 and indeed, there is certainly some hurtful stereotypes about unmarried parents2 – specifically those throughout the online dating scene. Gladly, we can dismiss these foolish misconceptions towards a straightforward, pleased reality: all of our newest user learn provides shared that moms and dads are really, truly dateable.actually, 91% of People in america will have no qualms whatsoever about online dating some one with kids.

Salama clarifies «because research shows, the majority of folks are open to the concept of conference single moms and dads. They might be considered independent plus experienced, and consequently better about what they can be getting in a relationship. This places them at a certain advantage while looking for really love.»


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