The kind of liquid consumed by the younger children is actually found inside the Table step 3

Uruguayan youngsters ate less sexy drinks than just college students in the most other countries

It is interesting to remember you to definitely within the Brazil the children consumed drinking water, when you find yourself only 84% regarding Argentinian people consumed drinking water. With respect to quantity of h2o ate, Uruguayan and you may Brazilian pupils ate a lot more h2o than just all the other countries; five hundred (250–768) and 369 (238–609) mL/day, correspondingly. In Mexico and you can Uruguay, a lot of the drinking water consumed is bottled, while for the Argentina and Brazil it actually was plain tap water. This new average consumption away from tap water was basically 0 mL/time having Mexican and you can Uruguayan youngsters and 266 and you may 138 mL/big date for Brazilian and Argentinian college students, respectively. Over three quarters of those youngsters consumed milk products, otherwise the derivatives, on a daily basis. The highest daily regularity ate was in Uruguay 429 mL/day; Mexico had the reasonable whole milk application at the 265 mL/day. Except for Brazil, where 70% of children consumed a hundred% liquid, it take in was not a well-known possibilities within this age group. Singular% of kids into the Uruguay drank sexy products with a median really worth of 0 mL/day because of the skewed character of your own analysis. Lots of youngsters (93–98%) in every five nations consumed SSB; significantly more SSB are consumed than milk products as well as types. A daily median greater than five-hundred mL is taken in Argentina (545 mL) and you will Uruguay (570 mL). Both in these nations, the latest 75th percentile was more than 1 L/time. When you look at the Mexico and Brazil, brand new median consumption try Table 3 Average (P25–P75) daily intake (mL/day) various water systems and also the percentage of users certainly one of youngsters (4–9 many years), of the country

The biggest consumers away from SSB had been Argentinian kids who’d a beneficial daily consumption out of 686 mL/date having good 75th percentile > 1 L; the majority of so it being CSD and liquid-oriented products

Type of drink ate by ten–17-year-dated get during the Desk cuatro. Adolescents consumed a higher number of liquid each day for the Argentina, Brazil and you will Mexico, which had been most noted inside Brazil and you may Mexico where in fact the median regularity was > 130 mL/go out. Brazilian teens (10–17 age) encountered the large water application 505 (278–778) mL/day of one nation. Like with more youthful youngsters, Mexicans and you may Uruguayans drank mainly water in bottles while Argentinian and Brazilian teenagers consumed mainly regular water. Uruguay encountered the lowest usage of SSB having an average consumption regarding 390 mL/day; CSDs have been the major factor to that frequency. Because could be expected there clearly was a lower life expectancy consumption out-of whole milk and its derivatives amongst this type of older kids compared with younger a long time and you will a subsequent increase in the intake of hot drinks. Since is noticed in the kids, Brazilian kids had the high median consumption regarding a hundred% liquid (42 mL/day) which have 60% consuming it each day.

The sum of each and every sort of liquid so you can TFI (%) was found inside Fig. 2, and exact same research from the intercourse receive in supplementary shape S3. In every five places, milk products and its derivatives depicted throughout the a-quarter from TFI when you look at the new youngest generation. Students when you look at the Mexico and you will Brazil used approximately a third regarding TFI since the water and another third as the SSB. From inside the Argentina and you will Uruguay, the largest factor so you can TFI try SSB. Around teens, dairy and its particular derivatives resulted in twelve–19% off TFI. The contribution away from CSD and you can liquids to help you TFI differed about kids weighed against the kids. Within the Argentina SSB shared 43% in order to TFI weighed against 24% getting drinking water. Regarding almost every other three places, the new share regarding SSB and you may liquid is equivalent, specifically, 38 against forty% inside the Mexico, 37 versus thirty-five% within the Brazil and you may 34 against 30% when you look at the Uruguay.

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